Anyone Can Become Financially Independent!

It is absolutely true that anyone can become financially free, and in a very short amount of time as well. 

It is my intention, through this website, to give each and every one of you the ability to go out there and begin working and investing like a business owner/entrepreneur/mogul.  

Hi, my name is Nathaniel, and I am your friendly investor.  I am here to share my experience in building The Expert Home Buyers into the Real Estate Investor brand that it is today.  I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience over the years (both good and bad), and I am ready to begin sharing that with the world and helping others to achieve the success that I have.

But What is Success?

Here is the thing about success. I cannot define it for you.  For some, success is going to mean having 6 figures in their bank account, for others it might entail having a brand new car every year that’s paid for in cash.  For me it means being able to answer to myself when it comes to running my business.  It means being able to set my own schedule (for some this isn’t a good thing).  For me, success means having the freedom to do with my time what I want to be doing with it.  

Take some time to think about what success means to you.  This doesn’t have to mean quitting your day job.  It doesn’t have to mean starting your own business. 

Real Estate is not our only investment vehicle!

Although, it may be the best one.

While this site is designed to make you an expert becoming a Real Estate Investor, the friendly investor always advises being diversified. 

I am here to guide you to have a broad outlook on your investing, make the money that you have worked hard to earn and been diligent to save, go to work for you and give you the financial independence that you deserve.

If Anyone Can Do It, Why Aren't They?

Truth be told, most people don’t have the willpower to be financially free.  We live in a consumer society that teaches us that we must have the hottest and newest tech/toy/vehicle.  We allow our fears to keep us from our freedom.  But, the friendly investor is here to help relieve you of some of the fears that come with getting yourself to financial freedom.


The Friendly Disclaimer

You must know right off the bat.  Getting financially free is a journey.  It is not one that is going to be easy, and it is not going to happen for you tomorrow.  It is going to take dedication, discipline and desire.  You are going to have to be frugal, you’re going to have to be uncomfortable.  You’re going to have to unlearn a lot of what you have been taught over the years (from everyone!). But remember, the friendly investor is here to guide you.

I have been keeping detailed notes on my journey every step of the way, and I am going to start from day 1 and get you to financially free. This is essentially my diary, an all inclusive trip from having 0 assets, to financially free.  It will share with you, tips and tricks I learned along the way.  It will share with you some pitfalls that I made on my journey, and most of all, the path to success, following my own.

I encourage you to read each of my posts, some more than once, and then go out and do some of your own research.  You must also allow at each step of the way for your own personality and creative to shine into your investments.  You are encouraged to take calculated risks and not to be afraid of failure.  It takes many many failures to become a master at something, and fortunately for you, I have already made a lot of them on your behalf.   

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently."
Henry Ford
Auto Mogul